Weight Loss


Obesity is a disease of excessive amount of body fat a person retains. This problem can cause other health factors such as high blood pressure, heart disease and many more. There are many reasons why people have become obese. Bad nutrition, lack of exercise and even being inherited in there genes can cause this underlying health issue.

The upside of this is that even switching a healthy diet, becoming more physically active and dietary supplements can help you prevent health problems that are associated with obesity. 



In the United States, the diets of most American are too high in calories. They often attain these calories by fast foods or beverages with high calories. Usually, people with obesity will eat a lot more calories that there supposed to before feeling full. Another reason why people will do this is due to anxiety or stress. 

Many jobs around the world have found its way as far as working in your own home. People who work from home or even an office tend to be less physically active which leads to less calorie burning throughout the day. Ordering food off your phone is just one of many examples that anyone can just sit in a chair and have food delivered to them in a blink of an eye. 

Even so with modern day technology causing people to be less active, there are other reasons for such people who are growing heavier on the scale. It can be genetic, metabolic or even hormonal influences on the body weight itself. 



  • Inactivity Profession: If you work from home, or even have to spend hours on a mobile tablet, phone, etc, this can be one of the highly associated reasons for drastic weight gain. Your body will easy take in more calories then you are supposed to be burn on a daily basis.
  • Unhealthy Diet: high-calorie meals lacking the proper nutrients from fruits and vegtables can cause weight gain. Consuming fast food and high calorie beverages is another factor that can contribute to weight gain in people of all ages.
  • Calories From Liquids: beverages with high calories are just as bad; or even worse then high calorie foods. Consuming liquids like alcohol, high sugared soft drinks or drinking more then your supposed to can contribute to weight gain.


Obesity in people can happen at any age. Elderly to even young children can be affected by this disease. As you age, your metabolism slows down and you probably won’t be able to burn food as fast you used to. Everyones body is different and there are many factors, like I explained earlier, in rapid weight gain. If you don’t control what you intake such as food and beverages and even becoming more physically active, ultimately you will gain weight.


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This product is intended for both men and women over 35+




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